Emily Roberts is a Boston and Southern California-based composer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and electronic musician. She draws on earth science, astronomy, human emotion, and living with chronic pain to create work that has been described as melancholic, powerful, organic. Having a background as a singer-songwriter, Emily strives to create genre-blended music that combines classical and romantic music with folk, rock, pop, and electronic elements. 

    In 2020, Emily, in collaboration with pianist Erika Matei, composed “Dissolution” for piano and electronics, which used processed field recordings from a cave in Sequoia National Park, to represent the science behind the formation of a cave over millions of years. In addition, she has used scientific concepts in other works, such as “The Forest That Lives Underwater” premiered by the prestigious loadbang in 2019. Other notable works of hers include two piano trios “Beginnings” and “Complexion” (inspired by the relationship between sound and color) premiered by Horszowski Trio, as well as “Brick”, composed in collaboration for cellist Kaitlin Crull.

    Currently, Emily is working on a song cycle for contralto voice and piano using poetry from various poets about death, as well as a piece for solo violin and electronics, “Holy Grail”. Slated for a 2022 release is an album from her solo side-project (name to-be announced soon) that she lovingly self-wrote, recorded, and produced.

    As an enthusiastic teacher, Emily has instructed students both privately and in the classroom for flute, music theory, and composition. She hopes to inspire a love for self-expression through music in her students (of all ages), and a greater understanding of how music works.

    Emily completed her undergraduate studies in Composition as a Presidential Scholar at Longy School of Music, where she is currently pursuing her Master of Music in Composition. She has studied with Dr. Amy Beth Kirsten and Peter Aldins. She attended the Divergent Studio in 2019, where she had a masterclass with Dr. Aaron Helgeson, and lessons with Dr. Hannah Lash and Dr. John Morrison.